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Hey there! I'm Paulina Petrova, but you've probably seen me around as Beauty Behind the Science. In 2018, I moved to a big city filled with opportunities. I've been always driven by my passion for beauty and my undisputable desire to solve the problem of aging. Just like that, I got to work in one of the fastest-growing Beauty Boutiques as a Beauty Expert while pursuing my undergraduate degree in Molecular Genetics + Human Bio. In 2018, I wished to share my discoveries in the beauty and health industries with all of you, through my Youtube channel and this wonderful platform. In 2020, I am more motivated than ever to share my knowledge with you, my dear readers. I hope you will feel inspired, whether it is a makeup tutorial or a review of a product you've always been fascinated by. Most importantly, I wish to enlighten you on all the cutting-edge therapies that will keep us youthful and thriving. You'll see, there's a real beauty behind the science.

Meet Paulina Petrova AkA Beauty behind the science.
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