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10$ botox?! There is a New Beauty Clinic in Town

It's all about that affordable, personalized beauty.


{ DISCLAIMER } Before I begin with these exciting news, I would like to assure you that I am independently writing about the new Beauty Clinic. I am by no means paid to write about it nor am I affiliated with SDM. The following article reflects my own opinion of this project. I am, however super thrilled about knowing that I can now use my PC Optimum points to get a well-deserved purifying facial.

Yep. You read that right! Shoppers Drug Mart has finally expanded the world of beauty and skincare beyond the realm of the Beauty Boutique. In January 2019, one of the leading companies in Canada revealed the innovative project yet: the Beauty Clinic. There is no doubt that Shoppers Drug Mart are leaders in the domains of healthcare, beauty and healthy aging (I will actually talk about a whole other store under their umbrella that specializes in assisted and healthy aging another time).

"Next level beauty awaits. Personalized beauty consultations with Nurse Practitioners and Medical Estheticians | Advanced cosmetic services and treatments | Luxurious accommodations that promise to delight"

The newly established Beauty Clinic promises to "take you beyond the beauty counter to provide beauty solutions that include an array of non-surgical cosmetic services and treatments". A very enticing perspective, especially for someone like me with a very skeptical eye on invasive procedures. I mean, as a scientist/beauty expert and extremely curious individual, I am constantly questioning the side effects of undergoing major cosmetic procedures that interfere with the organism's natural abilities to regenerate itself and maintain homeostasis (aka a balanced, healthy state). I mean, there is so much that can go wrong right? And we have yet to see the effects of reconstructing bone shape and size on the long run. That's a story for another time, though.


The Beauty Clinic offers the possibility to its clients to feel the best in their healthiest skin yet with the assistance of professionals who are certified to perform the procedures.

"It’s really more about you. It’s your idea of what beauty is and how it makes you feel that drives us to help you bring your beauty routine to the next level."

SDM really excel at creating a safe space where you can talk about your major, most intimate skin concerns with a professional that can genuinely understand you and assist you. Whether you are concerned about your menacing dehydration or remnants of acne scars that simply won't go away, there is a non-invasive solution for literally every major skin concern on the menu. And on top of that, it comes at the fraction of the cost. I can only recall the number of times I went from clinic to clinic in Toronto, seeking for a personalized solution to my own skin issues. Instead of a compassionate, knowledgeable professionals, I often had to experience uncomfortable consultations that made me feel like a simple source of income. I often times left the clinic with a disappointing aftertaste of unachievable and expensive prospective results.

Our Nurse Practitioners and Medical Estheticians will welcome and guide you through an inclusive beauty experience in a setting that’s designed with your comfort, convenience and discretion in mind.

I read thoroughly the menu of services offered and I can confirm with joy that U of Tears students will even be able to get a refreshing facial after a tough midterm season. You can even get PC Optimum points while having your spa experience. For instance, when you spend 100$ on a procedure, currently, you get 50 000 PC optimum points. These points are worth 50 $! You can redeem them at any time! Take a look at some of the services if you do not believe me:


PRP SKIN REJUVENATION $750 per treatment (WOW ok that's a blessing to know that I do not have to fly across the ocean to get PRP anymore)

HAIR REGENERATION $750 per treatment



Full list of services:


Another super helpful feature on their website is a page on all the potential skin concerns that you can read about. You can make an informed decision even before your consultation. Now that is what I call a cutting-edge beauty experience!

The Beauty Clinic is currently at 2501 PRINCE MICHAEL DRIVE, OAKVILLE, L6H 0E9. There is a potential second location that will open later in 2019 at Old Mill station (can't wait for that one).

Are you excited about this new concept? What service would you be interested in getting? Tell me all about it in the comments section!



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