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10 FACTS about Kylie skin.

Everything you need to know about Kylie Jenner's latest enterprise!


When Kylie Jenner was honoured with the title of the youngest, self-made billionaire by Forbes magazine, the world greeted the news without a single shadow of a surprise. I mean, she is the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan to reach 136 M followers on instagram while owning an incredibly successful makeup line and being an amazing mom to Stormi, simultaneously. When Miss Jenner revealed her latest endeavour - Kylie Skin - there was a mix of excitement and skepticism among her loyal followers. Obviously, she cannot possibly be using these simple ingredients to achieve her flawless, glowing complexion? From the items comprising the skincare line to the very formulas, allow me to introduce Kylie Skin with 10 essential facts about the brand.

1. Kylie skin will offer 6 Skincare products.

The brand is based on six essential skincare products including:

- A foaming face wash

- The infamous walnut face scrub

- The Vanilla Milk Toner

- The Vitamin C Serum

- A face moisturizer

- An eye cream

Simple. Elegant. Pink. Pretty much everything you need to achieve that Kylie Skin...

2. They are affordable.

Yup. You read right. You can get ALL the products in the Kylie Skin line without making your wallet cry. The eye cream itself is only 20$! TBH, I have never seen a decent eye cream cost less than 75 $. However, Kylie Skin claims that the formula of the eye cream is unique with extracts of green tea, caffeine and pomegranate that serve the purpose to brighten the under-eye area and reduce puffiness. Hm... this will require more investigation and experimentation on my part to determine whether they meet a satisfying quality and price point.

3. The entire skincare set is available for only 125$.

If you are just being introduced to the world of skincare and prevention of skin aging, this set is perfect for you!

4. Kylie Skin also offers makeup removing wipes and makeup bags.

These are two adorable pink add ons that will are selling for $10 and $22 respectively.

kylie skin wipes, makeup wipes

5. Kylie Skin is gluten free, completely vegan.

For those with gluten sensitivities or other allergies, do not fear the new Kylie Skin products. Although compounds like bee wax are usually processed by different mechanisms when they are processed from the skin, you are at least guaranteed to avoid all complications with these gluten-free, vegan formulas.

6. All the products are paraben and sulfate free.

I am very glad to hear that the formulas are free of any paraben and sulfate, two controversial compounds that have been previously linked with sensitivities, allergic reactions and rosacea.

7. Kylie Skin is Cruelty Free.

Just waiting on the PETA seal of approval.

8. The products are tested by dermatologists.

Hm. I would still like to learn more about the case studies and the subjects that tested the products (as my scientific mind cannot resist the manifestation of its skepticism). However, it is reassuring to at least know that dermatologists have studied these products.

9. The walnut face scrub has already received fervent backlash.

When the world heard about Kylie's secret to perfectly smooth and glowing skin, it was not pleased to uncover the star ingredient behind her praised scrub: walnut. Although we all need a deep cleanse of our pores from time to time (preferably once or twice weekly), we definitely want to avoid busted capillaries on our face! Some fans even quickly drew a parallel with the St. Ives apricot scrub you probably used as a teen. This super abrasive scrub was the highlight of a lawsuit in 2017.

Dermatologists, including Joshua Zeichner, MD and director of cosmetic and clinical research at Mount Sinai Hospital, responded to the fans' concerns by stating that the walnut powder in the scrub has indeed very sharp edges that can cause irreversible damage to the skin.

"The problem with physical exfoliants is that if you use a product that has particles that are large and rough with sharp edges like walnuts, you can create micro-tears in the skin that can lead to irritation, inflammation, and possibly even infection", Hadley King | MD

These statements definitely do not support the safety claim on the However, we have yet to observe and determine whether the reviews will be in favour of this item. My personal advice: be careful when it comes to physical exfoliants!

10. Kylie Skin Ships internationally.

All the details about the new brand and its products can be found on the official site


Now that you know all about Kylie Skin, one question remains: are you going to try these products anytime soon? What's the most intriguing item from Kylie's new collection? And what do you think her next enterprise will be? With the current momentum, I would not be surprised to witness a new baby line or hair care collection in the next few months.


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