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10 FACTS about Kylie skin.

Everything you need to know about Kylie Jenner's latest enterprise!


When Kylie Jenner was honoured with the title of the youngest, self-made billionaire by Forbes magazine, the world greeted the news without a single shadow of a surprise. I mean, she is the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan to reach 136 M followers on instagram while owning an incredibly successful makeup line and being an amazing mom to Stormi, simultaneously. When Miss Jenner revealed her latest endeavour - Kylie Skin - there was a mix of excitement and skepticism among her loyal followers. Obviously, she cannot possibly be using these simple ingredients to achieve her flawless, glowing complexion? From the items comprising the skincare line to the very formulas, allow me to introduce Kylie Skin with 10 essential facts about the brand.

1. Kylie skin will offer 6 Skincare products.

The brand is based on six essential skincare products including:

- A foaming face wash

- The infamous walnut face scrub

- The Vanilla Milk Toner

- The Vitamin C Serum

- A face moisturizer

- An eye cream

Simple. Elegant. Pink. Pretty much everything you need to achieve that Kylie Skin...