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The Beauty Behind Science

Hello everyone! Welcome to my crazy existence.

In reality, it might not feel overwhelming at times. At times, it is quite the regular, "Jane Doe" stuff that happen.

However, on some unforeseen occasions, a single element's movement is enough to displace an entire mindset. Trust me, it has gone from the encounter of a new rare specimen of individual to disturbingly honest thoughts.

The truth is school has always been plan A. Specifically science. I am responsible for that choice. I was always the inquisitive mind who wanted to discover the truth about everything. Until I learned a ton and all these other questions and thoughts invaded my mind. About life. About everything that life throws and us and leave us to deal with. Among the load of new questions, it was the idea of aging in our modern society that struck my mind. Naturally, aging isn't a new concept. So, why did I ever stumble on it? Obsess over it? As a young scientist that aspires to develop regeneration and gene therapy, I realized that this was always my ultimate goal: to reach an indefinite state of healthy lifespan. You would think that everybody in the history of mankind has craved desperately to live forever young. However, I am presenting to you something bigger than a fictional fountain of youth. I actually desire to share the current advances and innovative therapies that could, cumulatively, contribute to a sort of an insurance: the ability to be in control of our health. That's the beauty behind this crazy dream of mine.


On the other side of frantic routine, there is the Beauty Expert in me that rules the way. I spend days, specifically during the summer, in a beautiful Boutique in downtown Toronto, navigating from one client to another. I am aware that workplace's motto is to always deliver the most personalized service and set of beauty products ever. It comes from within. Between those walls, my creative mind thrives. I discover the latest innovations in anti-aging creams or beautifying balms, addicting lip oils and miracle molecules that gently exfoliate the skin. The latest arrivals always somehow awaken the thrill of experimentation in my veins. The sharpness of my inquisitive mind merges with the flowing creativity. Rather than focusing on the exterior, superficial effects of thousands of products, I spend my time studying them and testing them to then form a unique set of them for every need. At the end of the day, I always feel a bit more enriched and stimulated. That's the beauty behind the industry, I suppose.

And here I am, exposing these unique sides of the same crazy coin. Maybe my goal is to give you something to reflect upon. Or maybe I deeply wish to reconcile these two passions that reside in me.

Whatever it is, I simply wish that you will be inspired and stimulated too.

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