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Radiant Complexion for oily skin in the summer: Neutrogena Mask duo review

It's summer. Under the scorching heat, it seems impossible to maintain a healthy balance of radiant glow and dehydrated desert. Last month, I was pleasantly surprised when I received my latest Influenster Vox Box: the Neutrogena edition.


In reality, the box contained two full sized products. The first represented a dual clay mask and cleanser. The second was a sheet mask part of the Hydro Boost line in Neutrogena.


As you have probably guessed already, I instantly rushed to apply the Deep Clean clay mask. My first impression was the smell - it was rather "green", a reflection of the packaging (if I could say so). After I cleansed my face with my regular, baking-soda based cleanser, I applied a fine layer of the mask all over my face. Naturally, I avoided the delicate eye area and the surroundings of the mouth. The clay quickly set dry on my face, but I kept it for at least 15 mins (I reaaaally wanted this excess sebum out, you feel me). After I rinsed the mask off, I simply could not believe how soothed my skin felt. Purified. Refreshed. It definitely felt like a luxurious experience at the spa.

This mask does what it claims - PURIFIES!


The second mask, you would think as rather superfluous. You would think "why should I keep hydration while I am so oily"? Let me tell you. The hyaluronic acid that is present in this mask really does penetrate the skin. And you need this in order to maintain a healthy, plumped up and radiant skin. A simple sheet mask that reinvigorates the skin and brings back life to it.

Essentially, this complimentary duo of masks saved my untameable, oily skin. While the deep clean mask equilibrated my sebum production only after one week of use, the Hydro Boost sheet mask quenched my entire face - two key features of a naturally healthy and glowing skin. Who said radiance rhymes only with combination skin after all?


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