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TOP 10 Beauty advent calendars 2018.


Hey there, my eternal beauties! We are already moving into the second, most exciting part of November. While I am still yearning for the warmer days, sipping ayran on my chaise-long near the Black Sea, I can't help but feel tingling excitement about the upcoming Holiday season. While chocolate advent calendars were my favourite tradition, as I grew up (and became the ultimate beauty addict you'll get to know and adore), I developed a keen interest for ... beauty advent calendars! I mean, what's better than a lovely box full of the latest, most innovative beauty products of the year? And getting to unveil them every day until THE BIG day is really what makes these so enticing. So, without further ado , I am presenting to you the BEST, TOP, MOST EXCITING beauty advent calendars for this icy season.



Birchbox is a fantastic advent calendar that offers variety and quality at the same time. It's actually a first for this brand! This company is also renowned for their monthly, subscription boxes that allow you to discover the latest, exciting makeup and skincare products without breaking the bank.

Price: CA $110



Nuxe is one of my personal favourite skincare brands that formulates its product from naturally derived ingredients. Their essential body/face/hair oils are to DIE FOR!

Price: $ 76



Lately, Clarins has been innovating and introducing revolutionary ingredients from the kangaroo plant from Australia to turmeric from India. Their advent calendar is simply great to uncover YOUR favourite skincare and it is for any skin type and age!

Price: $ 138



Clinique is an incredible brand that takes into consideration every skin type when designing their lines. Their products are fragrance and alcohol free. The advent calendar has all the essentials to uncover the power of this great brand.

Price: $ 165


Sephora's advent calendars never cease to impress - this one has all the mini most-wanted beauty products of the year!

Price: $ 36


The skin on your body is just as important as on your face. If you follow me on Instagram (hint hint) you will notice that I pretty much adore the BODY SHOP - especially the latest banana body yogurt. These little treats are yummy and will keep your skin hydrated all winter long!

Price: $ 99



The great thing about L'Oréal is that it is pretty much the roof of many of our fave beauty brands, Lancôme and Urban Decay included. This makes this advent calendar enticing as there is plenty of variety. But in case you are an extreme Lancôme fan, there is actually one just for you!

Price: $ 190



This adorable beauty box calendar is a classic! Dive into the poise of this brand in this year's advent calendar. Isn't the burgundy shade of it simply sensational?

Price: CA$ 263


#2 YSL

One of the most luxurious beauty advent calendars on the list is definitely Yves Saint-Laurent. Really, these are the highest end 2 full size products, 19 luxury-sized mini treats and 3 beauty accessories you could get.

Price: CA $380



This one seriously tops my list for this year. Not only the vibrant, red colour of the box screams "IT'S CHRISTMAS ALREADY, OPEN ME!", but the entire calendar opens its tiny, little windows towards THE best products of ALL brands this year.

Price: CA$ 120

So, we covered the most exciting advent calendars for this upcoming Christmas... or did we? WAIT! THERE'S MORE!

(since I have the time to procrastinate while I have at least two research reports to submit...)


All I want for Christmas is ... the GLOSSY BOX CALENDAR! Now, this one couldn't have possibly escaped my beauty addict radar. This advent calendar is jam packed with beauty faves, including SPOILER ALERT the Huda Beauty Winter Solstice Palette and many more wonders for you to discover!

Price: $ 99


Last but not least, I got intrigued by the Jo Malone advent calendar as it goes beyond makeup and skincare: it brings a whole sensorial experience to your holidays. For all the candle lovers (myself included) out there, Jo Malone brings you its luxurious classics as well as two limited edition scents: the mini Frosted Cherry and Clove Candle. Truly unique, this one!

Price: $ 260


I hope you enjoyed this selection of colourful beauty advent calendars! Let me know which one you would go for and would like to see me review on my YouTube channel/Instagram/here. There's simply so many choices!



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